Expert treatment at our self-harm rehabilitation centre will address the emotional problems underlying this type of behaviour. It will also help those with an addiction to work through their traumatic experiences and to resolve such issues.


Counselling will help cutters to overcome feelings of self-loathing or low self-esteem. The peer support found in group sessions may be especially effective in this regard, helping to boost confidence. Expert staff will determine which combination of treatments is best suited to each person by individual assesment.

Sufferers frequently turn to cutting in response to an upsetting incident. Oasis Treatment Centre will focus on helping them to deal with traumatic events in a more constructive manner. We will also work on strategies that help people to cope with everyday life without resorting to this behaviour.


Treatment for self-harming may also include avoidance strategies, such as alternative behaviours. A holistic and effective programme at a rehabilitation centre will address the root causes of such behaviour for a happier, more successful life with long-term results.


The professional and experienced staff members at Oasis provide all encompassing self-harm treatment for lasting solutions, in tranquil surroundings.