Our addiction treatment centre is a Rehabilitation boutique. It is a residential centre dedicated to integrative treatment of addiction. We aim to identify the root of the problem and develop new ways of communicating and coping. We believe that uncovering and understanding the function of addiction in our clients’ lives is more effective and longer lasting, and through the integrated community we provide the opportunity to practice new skills in a safe and beautiful environment that supports change.


Nestled in the heart of the Garden Route, our team have travelled the journey with many clients over the years, finding freedom from addiction, eating disorders and co-morbid psychiatric conditions.

Oasis is family owned and run by Kathryn and Frank de Gouveia. Kathryn and Frank were brought together by their passion and dedication to guiding people through the challenging journey of addiction and eating disorders and have 30 years of experience between them.


In November 2017, they took the leap of leaving their positions as the clinical team of an established and highly respected treatment centre in Cape Town to follow their hearts in taking over Oasis, a world renowned addiction rehabilitation boutique. They have hand selected a team of experts and professionals and created an innovative and individualised treatment approach.

Activities include Hiking, Canoeing, Stand Up Paddling, Elephant Walks, Wildlife Tours, Horse Riding, Golf, Swimming, Yoga, Art, Drama and more.


Registered as an Approved Rehabilitation Centre