Eating Disorders Treatment

Eating disorders affect millions of people worldwide. More common than most people think, these disorders are progressive and display the same characteristics as any other addiction whereby the sufferer is trapped in a helpless cycle of obsessive and compulsive behaviour, unable to break free of the need to escape their feelings of obsessive control.
Although there are different forms of eating disorders, the three most common and life-threatening types are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and compulsive over-eating. However, most patients display traits of all three types as the root problem and this is generally the same in all sufferers, yet the action of dealing with these compulsions may be different.
These disorders are identifiable by obsessive and compulsive behaviour, but treating a food addictions can be a difficult task, as one cannot be abstinent from food. Below, read more about Oasis’ approach to the treatment of eating disorders.