Self Harm Addiction

is just as powerful as all the other compulsive behaviours, such as overindulgence in gambling, and drug abuse. A self-harmer or a cutter is someone who engages in deeds that causes physical injury to their body. Find out more about self harm treatment below.

Cutting Addiction and Treatment

Cutting becomes a way to escape intense emotions which an addict is unable to process or cope with in a healthy way. Treatment for this addiction usually involves counselling, and a period of in-patient therapy may be recommended.

Treating Self Harm Addiction

The results of self-harm symptoms leave permanent scars on the body, which the sufferer may be proud of when immersed in their addiction.

Self Harm Rehabilitation Centre

Counselling will help cutters to overcome feelings of self-loathing or low self-esteem. The peer support found in group sessions may be especially effective in this regard, helping to boost confidence.

Self Harm Symptoms

A self-harm condition does not discriminate race, gender, culture or creed, although young women seem to suffer most commonly from this particular disorder. It is often accompanied by other addictive tendencies, especially eating and drug problems.