Our Team

Kathryn de Gouveia

Clinical Director

Kathryn is warm, empathic and knowledgeable and is a leader by example in all she does. With 15 years of experience, 10 years as Clinical Director of an internationally recognised eating disorder clinic in South Africa. .


“Each person who walks through my office doors, comes in with their own story, their own pain and their own journey into recovery. Recovery is not found in abstinence alone, but in the new life that is built daily.”

Frank de Gouveia

Director and Head Counsellor

Frank approaches clients with dedication, honesty and a sincere and personal understanding of the hard work and bravery it takes to get to and remain in recovery. He has over 20 years of personal recovery, 15 years of counselling experience, 5 of which were spent as the head counsellor of a leading addiction clinic. Through his own journey, he allows clients to physically see that recovery is possible and that there is a full and happy life beyond their immediate feeling of entrapment.


“We believe in recovery for life. And that by finding the therapy modality that works for each person, freedom to live fully and in the present is possible.”

Landi Mostert

Social Worker & Addictions Counsellor

Landi is a passionate believer in the power of change, with education and experience in social work and addiction. She has worked extensively as a social worker internationally and locally, and began focusing on therapy and counselling in the addiction space with youth after returning from Asia in (get date).


She joined Oasis in November as Social Worker, Addictions Counsellor and Therapist. She holds therapeutic group and individual sessions daily. Landi finds joy in helping people come to a greater understanding themselves and their addictions.


Landi has an Honours Degree in Social Work from North-West University and has completed courses in Understanding Addictive Behaviour, M.I therapy and Matrix skilled training, Neurology of the brain and Addiction, Understanding Addiction within family dynamics, The harmful nature of the illness and Relapse prevention.


“After a client has come out of the denial stage, we work closely together to look at the harmful nature of the illness and they begin to change. In this stage the secret of change is for clients to focus all of their energy on not fighting the old, but building the new. This is the most beautiful experience to see any person go through.”

Irene de Kock

Registered Dietician

Irene strives to guide people to a healthy relationship with food. With an empathic and intuitive style, she (recently) moved from Midland Hospital in Graaf Reinet to Plettenberg Bay to open her own successful practice. She works from shared rooms with the local surgeon and sees patients at Oasis and Mediclinic.


She plays an important role in the Oasis team, working closely with clients to help them understand the importance of nutrition and how emotions can influence their perceptions of it. Weight modification and/or control of bulimic, anorexic- and binge eating behaviour forms part of the treatment Irene provides.


Irene graduated with a BSc degree in dietetics from the University of Stellenbosch and is currently completing a post graduate certificate in Education part-time through UNISA. Her passion for further education stems from a belief that the rehabilitation space is one where the willingness and need to change is enormous, better received and accepted.


“I aim to help clients voluntarily incorporate a variety of foods for improved wellbeing. This makes treatment more effective and longer lasting, since it is a sustainable lifestyle.”

Dr Judy Bentley

Consulting Psychiatrist

Judy is a highly educated, experienced and dedicated psychiatrist. She has had a thriving private practice since 2011, after 4 years working in state psychiatric hospitals. She began consulting on addictions and eating disorders in 2014, and the collaborative nature of treatment centres has kept her passionate about the space.


As a rehabilitation consultant, in addition to her private practice, Judy brings a deeper understanding of the value of a variety of treatment approaches. She considers it a humbling and rewarding way of working, and continues to learn from every client and colleague.


Judy is a person who is dedicated to learning and experiencing new things. This character trait is the reason she finds the teamwork and the need to work collaboratively with other practitioners in the treatment centre environment particularly fulfilling.


“It’s very rewarding to work through the difficult dynamics and really get to know your clients and colleagues to ensure we are giving the best possible care. It is such a privilege to hear people’s stories and have insight into so many lives in a way that would not be possible in any other profession.”

Nadine Kidd

Oasis Centre & Admin Manager

Nadine is the perfect front of house person for Oasis. She is warm, friendly, caring and patient with an incredible gift for organisation. Nadine has been working in office management since high school and thrives on creating and maintaining systems and is known in the region for her community work and animal activism.


Joining the new Oasis team from the get-go, Nadine keeps everything running smoothly. She manages the administration, filing, housekeeping, client queries, phone and emails, petty cash and invoicing, shopping, ordering and anything else that is needed.


A high-school achiever who loves being busy, Nadine is currently studying Economic and Accounting Sciences through UNISA.


“I love playing a role, even if it’s small one, in the recovery of some really awesome people. Seeing people change and find new hope is an inspiring space to be in.”