Oasis Counselling Centre Resurrection…


October 2017

It seems that the time has NOT come for Oasis to come to a natural ending.

We have been contacted by a Plett/Cape Town family who have been in the treatment centre world for in excess of ten years; they, like us, want to continue the family feel of Oasis and avoid the institutional, big business element that is becoming almost standard.

Frank and Kathryn De Gouveia have been working together as a team responsible for the success of a Cape Town treatment centre for at least eight years. Kathryn is known for her expertise in the challenging work of treating people with eating disorders. Frank concentrates on drugs, alcohol and process addictions.

Anstice will stay on as a consultant.

Nore is spreading her wings and flying to pastures new. Tammy and Werner are pursuing their dreams as planned. Our house staff, the renowned Gladys and Heather, will stay on, as will Johannes.

Therapeutically we think there will be a continuation of the Oasis treatment process with some newer and perhaps fresher ideas and concepts.

To those of you that have friends, relations or clients that need Oasis, please get in touch. We remain contactable by email or phone.

The Oasis team is thrilled that what we built up over time as a centre with a reputation for loving, caring and most importantly, helping people get better is going to have a new life. It is going to do an Anstice: Anstice means resurrection!

We look forward to hearing from you and have tremendous hope for a great future for Oasis Counselling Centre.

The Oasis Team

Oasis Counselling Centre

Tel:   0027 – (0)44 – 533 1752

Fax: 0027 – (0)44 – 533 6599

A/h: 0027 – (0)73 798 9699

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