After Care Plettenberg BayHaving beautifully looked after a resident for twelve weeks at Oasis Counselling Centre we ensure that they are not dropped and help put plans into place for Aftercare and further treatment.

Addiction treatment does not work to a specified time-scale, regardless of what the health insurance companies demand. Drug rehabilitation takes a long time, we believe that recovery is a journey, not a destination. Accordingly, we offer a free weekly Aftercare group at Oasis and residents continue to see their Counsellors on a one-to-one basis.

The process which was started at Oasis Treatment Centre needs to be gently nurtured, with the result being that a mature, recovering addict can emerge. We help residents to go on to further care at tertiary facilities in South Africa, UK or anywhere else in the world. We will liaise with staff at the tertiary centre to ensure it is the correct fit for our client.

Tertiary and Halfway House Treatment

We recommend halfway facilities that are based on the Minnesota Model of Twelve Step Recovery; ones that hold group therapy sessions and … continue to provide one-to-one counselling, are a good fit.  Also, we prefer to use facilities that encourage engagement with the world whether that is work, voluntary work or taking up new or old interests and hobbies.

Aftercare Therapy

If a client stays in Plettenberg Bay, we offer a free weekly Aftercare group at Oasis, and they will continue to see their Counsellor for a weekly one-to-one. Many of our clients stay in Plettenberg Bay and form a mutual support group in town. With our support they help each other keep clean and sober and take responsibility as they step back into society